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Formosa Steel Factory in Ha Tinh, Vietnam. Photo by Phan Luong Toan (my brother) on 31 Jan 2019. Video version.

National Climate Assessment 5: the inaugural Economics Chapter 
"the most comprehensive federal effort to assess the state of climate science and communicate the impacts of climate change on people, communities, and ecosystems across the United States. For the first time ever, NCA5 includes a chapter on Economics, which highlights economic impacts and opportunities associated with climate action" (White House's announcement)

Selected presentations and keynote lectures
Financial Implications of Physical Climate Risks (research and policymaker audience)

Minicourse (2nd year PhD level)

Climate seminars and workshops co-organized:
Virtual Seminar on Climate Economics (an ongoing series hosted by the San Francisco Fed)
Climate Economic Miniconference (Aug 2023, Richmond Fed, coorganized with Esteban Rossi-Hansberg)
OFR Climate Implications for Financial Stability conference (Sep 2022, virtual, coorganized with Dasol Kim)
Climate Change Economics (Nov 2020, virtual, Richmond Fed)
Climate Reading Group (virtual, coorganized with Christian Matthes)

Richmond Fed Economic Briefs
1. Banco de Chile 2023 Annual Conference: "The Macroeconomics of Climate Change" by Adrien Bilal and Jim Stock [slides]
2. Bundesbank 2023 Spring Conference: "Welfare Consequences of Sustainable Finance" by Harrison Hong, Neng Wang and Jinqiang Yang [slides]
3. ASSA 2023: "Credit Supply and Green Investments" by Accetturo et al [slides]
4. BOJ-IMES 2022 conference: "Climate Change Mitigation: How Effective is Green Quantitative Easing?" by Abiry, Ferdinandusse, Ludwig, Nerlich [slides]
5. System Climate Meeting 2022: "Climate Change & Geography of U.S. Economic Activity" by Leduc and Wilson [slides]
6. Bank of Italy 2021: “Macro Effects of Carbon Tax to Meet U.S. Paris Agreement Target: Role of Firm Creation and Technology Adoption” by Shapiro and Metcalf [slides]
7. IBEFA summer 2021: “The rising tide lifts some interest rates: climate change, natural disasters, and loan pricing” by Correa, He, Herpfer, Lel [slides]
Selected notes on climate change economics
These are some lecture notes based on some recent development in the research literature that I prepared for myself and other researchers. The usual disclaimer applies. All errors are mine.  Comments are welcome! I will continue to update and expand the set of notes.
Selected notes prepared by research assistants and students

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Environmental justice

Environmental accounting


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