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[Colored by topics: BubblesDebt |  Climate change]​​​​​​​
10. Bubbly Recessions, with Sid Biswas and Andrew Hanson, accepted conditional on minor editorial changes at American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics [slides] [FRB-R Economic Brief]  
8. ​Asset Bubbles and Global Imbalances, with Daisuke Ikeda, forthcoming at American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics [slides] [pdf]
7. Asset Pledgeability and Endogenously Leveraged Bubbles, with Julien BenguiJournal of Economic Theory, 177, 2018, pp. 280-314 [pdf]
6. Sovereign Debt SignalsJournal of International Economics​, 2017, 104, pp. 157-165 [pdf]
5. Nominal Sovereign DebtInternational Economic Review, 58 (4), 2017, pp. 1303-1316 [pdf]
4. A Model of Sovereign Debt with Private InformationJournal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 83, 2017, pp. 1-17 [pdf]
3. Bubbles, Wage Rigidity, and Persistent Recessions, with Andrew Hanson, Economic Letters, 151(2), 2017, pp. 66-70 [pdf]
2. Information, Insurance and the Sustainability of Sovereign DebtReview of Economic Dynamics, 2016, 22, pp. 93-108 [pdf]
1. Toxic Asset Bubbles with Daisuke IkedaEconomic Theory, 2016, 61(2), pp. 241-271 [pdf]
0. Roots of the Derivative of the Riemann-Zeta Function and of Characteristic Polynomials, with Eduardo Dueñez, David W Farmer, Sara Froehlich, C P Hughes, Francesco Mezzadri, Nonlinearity, 2010, 23(10) [pdf]
Selected Working Papers
12. The Transmission of Quasi-Sovereign Default Risk: Evidence from Puerto Rico, with Ryan Leary and Anusha Chari, previously distributed as NBER Working Paper 24108 [slides]
Presentation at SED 2019, NBER IFM fall 2018 meeting, DebtCon 2017, the Federal Reserve Board
13. Regressive Welfare Effects of Housing Bubbles, with Andrew Graczyk, second revision requested, Macroeconomic Dynamics​ 
14. Risky Bubbles, Public Debt and Monetary Policies (very preliminary), with Tomohiro Hirano and Daisuke Ikeda
Presentation at the ASSA 2018 meeting
15. Self-enforcing Debt Limits and Costly Default in General Equilibrium (preliminary), with V. Filipe Martins-da-Rocha and Yiannis Vailakis
Presentation at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Virginia Tech, Duke University Triangle Dynamic Macro workshop, University of Tokyo, University of California Santa Cruz, Santa Clara University, University of Virginia, the Economics School of Louvain, the Sao Paulo School of Economics, and the Canon Institute for Global Studies Macroeconomic conference
16. Country Size, Reputation and Sovereign Debt (very preliminary), with Mark Wright [slides]
Presentation at DebtCon 3, FRB system conference on International Economics
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